Out-Patient Department (OPD):

Organized into two separate floors for dogs and cats we provide outpatient care for your pets with two separate treatment areas and 10 examination rooms to respect their privacy as well as manage easy handling of your animals. We will provide OPD services from 6 am – 10 pm with appointment based consultations.

Emergency Treatment Unit (ETU):

Our Emergency and Critical care services will be open 24hrs, seven days a week. Our well-equipped Intensive Care Unit will be available with an on-site veterinarian to provide the maximum care.


We are equipped with three surgical suites. One is for minor procedures and two surgical suites with advanced anesthetic and monitoring equipment that can cater for a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Our surgical facilities will be available for access to our clients and for reservation basis for outside veterinarians.

Diagnostic Imaging Services:

We have a state of the art digital diagnostic imaging facility and the X-ray of your pet can be emailed to the referring visiting veterinarian and saved in our database under your records. We provide high-end ultrasound scanning facilities for abdominal and echocardiography imaging of your pets. In addition we provide ECG and Electromyography services for our patients.

Laboratory Services (Parasitology unit Microbiology unit Pathology unit Molecular diagnostic unit):

We have a fully functional Veterinary Laboratory that will provide comprehensive diagnostics for your loved companion. For the first time in Sri Lanka our laboratory is equipped with world renowned IDEXX products. IDEXX is the world leader in veterinary diagnostic testing that is specified for animals. This equipment provides specific output for individual pets, based on their body weight and breed, Full blood count, liver profile, kidney panel and detailed electrolyte panels are some of the key outputs that we can provide. Both our clients and outside veterinarians can also submit their samples to our labs for better quality service. We will only use techniques and reference values that are specific to veterinary medicine and provide you with a detailed report.

Blood Bank:

We are equipped with a blood bank and a fleet of donor animals and our facility will provide cross-matching to select the correct donor blood for your pet. We will provide services to our clients and for outside referrals with various blood products to match the animal’s needs.

Our Specialty Services:

At RVH we are focus on veterinary specializations and to be a consultation hub for the country. We will house visiting consultants to provide specialized care on Dermatology, Dentistry, Oncology and Chemotherapy, behavior therapy and training and pet rehabilitation.

Wards and Boarding Unit:

In addition to treatment wards, our hospital is equipped with a separate boarding unit that will house your pet animal when you are out of town. Our wards and boarding facilities are sound proof air-conditioned enclosures with the facility for you to remotely monitor your pet via the internet.

Isolation Care Unit:

Animals with contagious diseases need to be separate from others. Our facility provide a separate isolation care unit away from the main hospital. This will allow us to better manage dogs with diseases such as Distemper and Parvo. This unit will help clients to bring in community and stray cats and dogs.

General Care

General Care Facilities:

Our hospital provides grooming services, Immunization, a unit pharmacy and Pet Shop to provide all your pets needs under one roof. We also provide Pet Taxi services to clients that require help to bring their pets to our facility.

Dog Breeding Services:

We will pay close attention to breeding dogs and will provide services on evaluation of breeding soundness, artificial insemination and partner matching program to promote responsible pet breeding in Sri Lanka. Our comfortable whelping facilities are available for breeding dogs to provide best possible care for mothers and puppies.

In addition to the above features at our facility, we use digital computer records that will minimize the use of paper leading to a “greener” world and better accuracy in record keeping. Medical records of your pet will be always available in our system and can be available to clients or referring veterinarians.

Furthermore, we also aim to be active members in our community. Our doctors will dedicate a portion of their time to high school programs, such as Rabies awareness programs and Career Days at local schools. We also aim to provide services during local dog shows and animal adoption programs. Our hospital will also participate in promoting careers in the veterinary field through local high school volunteering programs. If your organization is interested please contact us for further details on collaborative community projects.

Beyond all of this, we remain focused on what is most important: you and your animal family member. While we are proud of our comprehensive care, extensive services, state of the art facility and dedicated team, we are most proud that our clients trust us to put their most precious companion in the hands of our care. We invite you to come in and meet us. Call today or better yet, come by! We’ll be waiting for you!